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Keeping the Clients at Ease: The Key to a Successful Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

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There’s no doubt that tattooed makeup has become a high-demand service in the beauty industry. Many potential clients interested in permanent makeup or microblading procedures wonder what type of numbing will be used during their treatments. They like to be assured that the procedure will be conducted safely and that Permanent Makeup Artist will keep them comfortable. Keeping the client comfortable during a permanent makeup procedure is a challenge for many permanent makeup artists.

Clients should be advised that this technique may cause considerable discomfort. The level of pain tolerance that each client has is unique. Permanent cosmetics treatments are easier to conduct on someone who already has permanent makeup, microblading, tattoos, piercings, or cosmetic injections because they are familiar with the procedure.

It is more difficult for the Technician to work on someone who has never had any form of plastic surgery, facial injectables, or permanent makeup. The new customer has no idea what to expect.


Professionals will do their best to keep the client comfortable during treatment, but it is the client's responsibility to take charge and begin the procedure on a good note. The technician's job is to guide the client through the operation and explain everything that is going to happen. The client is apprehensive about the unknown.

Creams, gels, and liquids are available as topical anesthetics for use before and during permanent cosmetics and microblading operations. These procedures may require local topical numbing, depending on the part of the body being treated.

To avoid the risk of harmful consequences, any use of topical anesthetics should be targeted and kept to a bare minimum. Even if we apply it topically, it may enter our nervous or cardiovascular systems. When topical numbing creams are applied to vascularized areas of the skin, they absorb more quickly than when applied to areas with less vascularization.

We recommend topical anesthetics like Numpot Gold which offers pain relief for intact skin as well as broken skin. It is safe for use on eyelids and lips before a procedure. Available at onlinesalonsupply.com


The dermis absorbs numbing creams, which prevent sensory receptors from delivering pain signals along the skin's nerve fibers. The area and length of micro-pigmentation dictate whether anesthesia should be utilized. Professionals begin with procaine, a short-acting anesthetic, while others prefer lidocaine, which has a medium length, and tetracaine and bupivacaine, which have a long duration.

For numbing creams, see Feel Better Now Topical Anesthetic  This has a 5% lidocaine formula that can be used for cosmetic tattoo procedures, laser, electrolysis, micro-needling, etc. Get it with discounts for your first purchase only at onlinesalonsupply.com



Permanent Make-Up Anesthetics: The Take-Away

When working with customers who have certain underlying disorders, the technician should think about employing anesthetics. Microblading or permanent cosmetics should not be painful; nonetheless, some discomfort is a natural and transitory reaction. In the business, there is a widespread belief that some numbing agents may modify the hue of the pigment in the skin after healing.

The majority of these informed and satisfied clients are pleasantly delighted to discover that permanent makeup is not nearly as unpleasant as they had believed. Because of the "scratching" sensation, some clients may be a little uneasy when having permanent makeup. When your client is relaxed, you can operate more efficiently and effectively.

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