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Painless Procedure for Permanent Make Up

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Permanent makeup numbing treatments are becoming more popular as permanent makeup grows more prominent. "Beauty is pain," as the old adage goes, and many individuals are unwilling to go through the discomfort of these cosmetic procedures. Permanent makeup techniques can cause a significant amount of discomfort.

In order to accommodate even those with the most minimal of pain tolerance, the industry turned to permanent makeup-numbing creams. 

In the microblading industry, our clients' comfort should be our top priority! To be able to do this, we should only give them the best anesthetics and numbing agents to ensure a pain-free procedure. Eyebrow Supplies offers top quality numbing gels such as Zensa and Tattoo SOOTHE which are proven and tested to work wonders! Try them now and let us know the results! 


How does  Permanent Make-Up Numbing Creams Work?  

Permanent make-up numbing lotions operate by blocking sodium channels, preventing pain signals from reaching the nerves that supply feeling to the skin. These lotions can be used before cosmetic visits, minor surgery, getting a tattoo, or any other time when the skin is exposed to pain.

Because numbing cream desensitizes the skin to pain, it can be used for a wide range of uses, like microblading and other cosmetic tattooing procedures.

Numbing Cream for Permanent Makeup: How to Use It

At least one hour prior to the procedure, numbing cream should be applied. Despite the fact that numbing cream is administered similarly to other skin creams, you should exercise caution because even little mistakes might result in difficulties.

Here are general instructions to use a numbing cream for permanent makeup:

  • Wash your skin with soap and warm water. Allow air to dry.
  • Place something over your eye while applying numbing cream to the brows or the surrounding area. It's also a good idea to get the help of someone.
  • Rather than covering a wide area at once, if a greater area needs to be dimmed, it should be done in sections. This reduces the numbing drugs' toxicity and guarantees that the skin patches remain "dulled" throughout the procedure.
  • Generously apply the initial layer of cream to the region to be treated.
  • After that, apply a second coat that is thicker than the first.
  • Set aside for 1 hour. Within 30 minutes of application, you will begin to feel numb.

Make Certain to Select the Appropriate Numbing Cream

Some numbing lotions are so gentle that they can't stand up to the force of the procedure. As a result, opt for a cream that has a higher numbing effect.

When selecting a numbing cream for permanent makeup, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • The lidocaine content of the cream should be at least 5%.
  • The cream should have received clinical approval.
  • Positive consumer feedback should be found across social media channels, an eCommerce site, and a website for the cream.


Numbing cream is a good investment for reducing the pain and discomfort of permanent makeup. Always use the proper numbing cream and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

For high quality anesthetics for before, during and after cosmetic procedures, head to numbinggels.com. Trusted and authentic products , approved by FDA are available with lots of offers! After all, our customers’ comfort always comes first!


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