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Understanding the Ingredients of PMU Anesthetics

A permanent makeup procedure involves breaking the surface of the skin, and while the needles or blades don't go too deeply into the skin, it can still be painful.              

Therefore, numbing is essential.

A topical anesthetic can be a cream or gel with different consistencies. As they are applied to the skin, they absorb and block nerve endings from sending signals to the brain. This causes a numbing sensation. Therefore, your client will not feel pain, but they will feel the pressure of the tool penetrating their skin.


applying numbing cream on eyebrows

So what is it about numbing cream that makes it so effective at reducing pain? This is because of the ingredients that are listed here.


Numbing creams dull pain, but how do they work?

Anesthetic ingredients dull the pain receptors beneath the skin so that they can't transmit pain signals to the brain. A variety of numbing creams are widely used to minimize the discomfort and pain associated with microblading, tattooing, piercings, and surgical incisions.

Listed below are the essential components of numbing cream.


Lidocaine is the most used anesthetic in numbing creams, anesthetic liquids, and gels. Besides numbing your skin for more than an hour, it is also a powerful numbing agent. W.H.O. has listed Lidocaine as "an essential medicine" since 1946. Besides being prescribed by a doctor, lidocaine can also be purchased over-the-counter.

A PMU anesthetic should contain 5% lidocaine. The fact that it is a water-soluble agent makes it easy for the skin to absorb it.



Also known as amethocaine, it is used to numb the eyes, nose or throat. One of its popular forms is available as eye drop used to numb the eyes for certain procedures. Its most common use today is as a topical ophthalmic anesthetic for short procedures on the surface of the eye, as well as the ears and nose.



Epinephrine is widely used as an additive in local anesthetics to improve the depth and duration of the anesthesia, as well as to reduce bleeding in the area of procedure. It helps constrict the blood vessels to prevent the blood from taking the anesthetic drug away from where it is needed.


There you have it: types of numbing ingredients used in numbing gels and numbing creams. Even though they are different, they both have the same purpose-to relieve pain and discomfort.

It is essential you only buy your PMU anesthetics from reliable suppliers. There are many, many counterfeit products out there which may contain potentially dangerous ingredients and will not give the desired results, so don’t get blinded by bargains and only buy from suppliers you are sure you can trust.


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